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I have been unable to get lessons for my twins for over a month! At first I figured OK its probably just a pre holiday rush or something, But its draggig on, We are on the text syste, but its never a god time (they are in school at 12:30 etc) . And you have about 3 seconds to respond or its

This class is highly recommended! My daughter learned a lot b/c I just didn’t have the patience in training her! Now I could sit back and relax as she takes the wheel!

Getting my license through Walters Driving School was a great experience. It was fairly quick and easy, and I felt very comfortable while driving for those few weeks.

Cant schedule lessons. Office staff is so rude, One even hung up on me mid sentence! I paid over 700 dollars, and they treat me like that? Look, take your hard earned money and find another school. This is a nightmare

Coach William is very polite and hard working teacher we have ever seen. Apart from classes he has helped me for preparation for DMV driving test by sending information through email. I recommend him for anybody who needs to get the license quicker.

In April 2016, I went to take my license test with this company. Before I met the aforementioned Phil, I had no issues with this company. Phil is a license test instructor and is quite honestly the rudest person I have ever met. He made fun of my nervousness, sarcastically questioning why I

I had six hours and it took me to another level of understanding how important safety is and to not be distracted while you are driving. Thank You!!!

I took 6 hours of lessons and the 30 hour course online. Good prices and service. Passed my test !

Great patient instructor, he taught me the rules of the road. I passed my driving test and now drive on my own.

Thanks, Mr. Tj, I enjoyed my seven days of BTW instruction. I got my L's

Sam who is very friendly and explanatory to both student and parents taught my son specific details concerning parallel parking (maybe I would have passed that portion if I had been taught by Sam) and so many other pertinent points regarding license test and general driving. Pick up and drop

I would like to express my gratitude to all staff members of LA Excel Driving School. They support me in every step of my dmv behind the wheel test because of the LA Excel Driving School instructors i passed my dmv test in first my first attempt.Thanks to the entire team of LA Excel Driving

I was upset about my situation but these people here at 1 Ace D.U.I. were fantastic . The Office Manager Lisa, was nice, polite, caring, efficient and upbeat. Note: (She was the reason I choose this school) The instructor: Ace had passion, interest and was very entertaining! I had a school

Communication and follow up with Anshor has been frustrating, and the amount of training provided was not as promised when we were initially in contact with the school. The process used to communicate is via text to the student, we finally contacted the school after no/poor communication via

Both my children went to R&R. Having had driving classes elsewhere, they had something to compare to. Here they had a very positive, good, complete education. This woman's review is completely wrong on every level. If the kids weren't getting what they needed to out of the class or not doing

Mr Layne did an extremely good job Instructing my girlfriend and getting her license a week earlier that we thought we could expect... The text, from the BMV office that she had just passed her driving text was priceless... But mr. Layne's service was a great bargain. We are great for everything.

Great driving school. Highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to learn the rules of driving and proper behind-the-wheel technics. This school offers efficient scheduling to complete both required classroom and driving hours within a very short time frame. After my daughter completed

Able is great to lesson and to prepare for your drivers license. Pass my road the first time. Thanks John White.

Able 2 was fantastic. I passed my road test on the first try! Their customer service was great in the office and so was my instructor.

All of the instructors at Abix are friendly and professional. They are calm and willing to do whatever it takes to make you a good and safe driver. My granddaughter took the class and learned way more about driving and the rules than we expected. She had never driven before and now she is confident

The instructor has an attitude. Waste of money!

Excellent instructors, patient and caring. They take the time to really teach you drive.

Mr. Alam is good instructor.

Very good instructor, and you can pick the date and time. Instructor is very nice and it is easy to ask him questions on driving. He is very laid back but still very good at telling you if you are doing something wrong. He works you on stuff you need to work on more such as parallel parking

The Driving instructor knows what he is talking about and knows how to teach safe driving for teens. Always tells you what to do and how to set up your mirrors properly. I highly recommend this school. Driving instructor is also very easy to ask questions about driving.

Great teachers! Great school!

This school is the best they are very patient, professional and knowledgeable of the Maryland traffic laws. They really made me feel comfortable when performing the over the road driving.

This school is a big joke! They have 3 different cars, 3 trainers (calling them instructors would be an insult to Real Professional Instructors everywhere in any profession) who teach differently. One fat guy never told me his name while teaching me and was on this phone half the time during

It was nice to find a reliable and knowledgeable instructor who lives locally. After checking with many other parents I did my research and found Dave. He is the only instructor so you get to know who you will have teach. You're not worried to find who will show up at your door. I found him

Steve is a great teacher. I did not know how to drive and after the first lesson I knew I would be a good driver. He was very calm and talked me through everything. Where he has me drive made my driving experience a great one. He has reviewed the things we did the day before and explained what

I was wrongly failed on my test. He said 4 miles over the speed limit was considered illegal. It never has been 4, if it's 10 or more than yes. Also I was doing 60-65 on the highway and it was 70! He tried saying I was doing 30-35.

I sent my daughter to this school after trying other schools and I am so happy I did, they were very professional, courteous and friendly, her Instructor Lenny was so nice and patient after just a few lessons my daughter passed her road test, I would recommend this school to anyone looking

I am so excited that I did my 6 hours and now I can drive. YEAH! Mrs McMann is nice and knows lots about driving. I loved my instructor. Call them. Don't go to anyone else.

We love them. Very happy with how they taught our 16 year old.

They are wonderful people. Taught my son to drive so well. Kind, patient and knowledgeable. I recommend them to everyone.

The owner and receptionist were rude. Failed my daughter for the last drive time. A lot of schools that i called said they would work with my daughter to get her to pass and get her certificate for seg I but not this school. My daughter has to take ENTIRE course over again. Daughter and family

I contacted them via e-mail for THE 1ST Behind The Wheel appointment for my son. Even though they publish that it is best to use e-mail they send an e-mail and say to call. I call and just get an answering machine, I explained in detail that my son just finished his temp exam and I would do

Teens love learning about basic under the hood basic car maintenance.

Love this school! Corrie is awesome and extremely professional and helpful. Always willing to work with you and she's funny too. The Instructors are the best too, very efficient and make you feel very comfortable.

Have a student in one of your contracted areas who finished the book portion of the class on 2/14/2013. He is turning 15 tomorrow. He was told by the instructor that he did not like him so he would be one of the last ones to drive even though he is one of the oldest in the class. I, as an

The defensive driving school was a complete joke. About two hours of information extended to six hours. The instructor talked about his personal life more than he did about driving - Vietnam war, his liquor business, his restaurant business, etc...

I just wanted everyone to know I was very happy with how they taught and treated my son.

This is a horribly run business. They give absolutely no customer service, because you pay everything up front. If you try to call to discuss the matter, they HANG UP ON YOU! It is VERY difficult to get your license if you use this company.

Do not waste your time and money. They are unorganized. You cannot contact them. They seem very indifferent to any request. Once you pay your money you are at the mercy of their incompetence and it will take over 6 months to finish. Go Anywhere Else!

Got taken care of all my driving and road test. Will do business again!

No matter how many times my son asked for the price for getting a NEW CDL Training, The Owner would not give a price.... This East Indian is shady and can not be trusted. I called all schools in the Reno, Sparks area and they ALL SENT me a cost break-down of the education criteria. EXCEPT....Horizon

Thanks you so much Nicastro's for an amazing experience. Your instructor's were extremely professional and made learning in and out of the classroom easy. Thank you for everything John John and the rest of the team your the best.

Don't waste your money.

Awesome school ! Pedro and luis very professional. Very straight forward and honest great pricing close too home passed rd test 1st time out thank you guys.

This school was awesome! Pedro and Luis were very professional passed rd test 1st time! Definitely not a fake school instructor very forward and real honest definitely recommend providence a plus in my book thank you guys.