Universal Driving School began in 1980 and is licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The owner-operator of the school has over 30 years of experienced driving instruction for teens, adults, seniors, foreign, handicapped, and special requirements students. Our Company is referred by major state agencies due to our integrity, honesty, nice service, reputation, and referrals.

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  City Carlsbad, CA
  Zip Code 92008
  Address 390 Oak Avn # L
  Phone Number (760) 434-9504

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The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) generally allows a driver to attend traffic school once every eighteen months. The eighteen month period is counted from the date the ticket is issued, to the traffic violation, not the date you went to traffic school. Completing a DMV court-approved traffic school course, such as Universal Traffic School, a point can be masked on your moving violation and from your driving record. A voluntary attendance to Universal Traffic School offers a special driving education program to improve your driving skill through this traffic program.

18 years or older. We also specialize in older drivers who have never driven previously, from basic skills to advanced students, out-of-state and foreign. We prepare for the driving test as well as brush up lessons. Students with a valid California instruction permit can choose from a six-hour skill package. We also offer 4 hours package driving test with company car after having 12 hours behind the wheel with U.D.S. On the day of the driving test students will practice for two (2) hours going through all skills and do the test at the D.M.V. and return home.

Teenage drivers are required to drive a minimum of 6 hours with a certified driver instructor. The minimum 6 hours of driving must be certified by the instructor under the penalty of perjury. This training is conducted in 3 sessions, 2 hours per day, once per week, or every other week. Your experienced instructors will help you practice in detail all the necessary skills to prepare for your driving test, and stress areas of defensive and safe driving techniques for accident prevention. The 12 hour behind the wheel lessons are usually twice per week.