Owned and run by MaryBeth and Tony Caracci, South Jersey Driving School can accommodate all of your driver education requirements. Whether you're a teenager or senior citizen, 16 or eighty years old, we can get you where you need to go! Ask about our manual transmission or stick shift driving lessons and our defensive driving classroom course!

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I will like to enter your driving school i see that its the rating is high thats why i chose it. i just need 2 know how much will it be to take classes?

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We got it! In just 1 hour & 45 minutes in our Chevy Camaro, you'll learn to shift gears, use the clutch and feel confident with a stick shift. Whether it's for your job, to use the family stick shift car or just because you've always wanted to.we're here to help! Sign up for our stick shift course today! We know you've got a lot on your plate right now, between maintaining your GPA, playing sports, or even holding down an after-school job. At South Jersey Driving School, we take pride in our students' success.

At South Jersey Driving School, we offer driver education to help keep you safe and confident on the road. Whether you're a first-time driver or you've been driving for a while, we have a variety of courses that will help you become more comfortable and knowledgeable behind the wheel. This Combination of a 1-hour review lesson immediately followed by our signature Road Test service will prepare you for your Road Test and a lifetime of safe driving. This is a great service if you already know how to drive but, you need to brush up on your skills and need that boost of confidence and tips from South Jersey Driving School.

At South Jersey Driving School, we take pride in our students' success. We do our best to provide quality driver education and keep the process as simple and pleasant as possible. I wanted to thank you all. From my first initial phone call with Tony to an informative sit down with MaryBeth, your driving school is top notch. The level of comfort you have given me and my daughter is great. The instructor, Mark, was also great with constructive, positive comments which put my daughter's mind at ease and gave her the confidence to take control of her driving.

We know you have a lot on your plate right now, whether it is maintaining your GPA, playing sports, or holding down an after-school job. But we bet you can pretty much taste the freedom a drivers license will bring you - the freedom of not having to depend on friends, older siblings or parents for a ride. There's so much to keep in mind when hitting the road for the first time, and South Jersey Driving School is here to help. We want to help make you a great driver while keeping your parents' nerves at ease.

We're sure your teen has been getting very excited about learning how to drive and getting a driver's license, and we understand this is a huge change in both of your lives. There will be so many things going through your mind the first day you send your teen out on their own. Will they be ok? Do they know what to do at a 4-way stop? Will they be able to park without destroying the car? That's why we're here - to ensure that your son or daughter is well informed and as safe as possible. So you might be asking, "Why should I pay to send my teen to driving school when I can very well teach them myself?"

16? Get your permit with us! Please fill out the form below or call our office to set up your registration meeting. The meeting includes a parent meeting, vision test and/or MVC knowledge test. The written and vision test are administered on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in our Moorestown office. For your convenience we have both day and evening hours. A parent or guardian must attend.

We offer the written knowledge test (NJ permit test) and vision tests in our Moorestown office for 16 year old drivers. For those students who have taken the written knowledge test (NJ permit test) in school, you will only need to take your vision test. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We make routine trips to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC). As part of our service, we will apply for your NJ learners permit and you will receive it after the completion of your three requirements.

South Jersey Driving School is your number one resource for new drivers, driver education and behind the wheel training for teens! Here are some helpful links to more information about getting your NJ drivers license, information on the NJ Graduated Driver License (GDL) laws and the importance of safe driving. To prepare your teen driver to get behind the wheel, please check out our new driver training programs and courses and contact us now to register! The DSAA is an international association of driving school owners, comprised of driving school owners, including entrepreneurs, public and private school teachers, former examiners, transportation and safety experts.