Trucks are on the road 24 hours a day, every day of the year, carrying everything our nation requirements. Our country depends on the trucking industry to provide its goods. As we move toward the future, our communities will rely even more on swift and efficient trucking service, as our economy demands it. A serious driver shortage is developing that could disrupt our fine-tuned distribution system.

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  City Chicago , IL
  Zip Code 60641
  Address 5538 West Belmont Avenue
  Phone Number (773) 736-6700

I had no problems with the school personally. Yes, the course costs money, but it costs money to go to school. I have seen other students in my class that have failed certain parts of the tests, and when they do they blame the school. The school affords you some free tutoring and extra training, but after that you have to pay for extra hours, but that is the same with all the schools. I cannot see where someone can write a review that says all there after is money, when they try to help to begin with. The staff at both locations have been friendly, and caring. The trucks are well maintained, and have never broken down once since I attended the school. Definitely, do your research before choosing a school, but I think you will not find a better school for the price.