Hello and welcome to IQ driving school. We specialize in the following services. Here at IQ driving we specialize in the smarter side of driving. From all walks of life we can guarantee that you will receive a driving education that prepares you for all kinds of driving conditions.

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Nobody is born knowing everything. We all learn to walk and talk, and the same goes for your driving skills and knowledge. We at IQ Driving School have the necessary expertise to help you acquire and build upon what you have learned so you become a complete, competent, and safe driver. At the end of the course, we hope to have helped teach foundational knowledge and helped our students feel confident behind the wheel. But First, What Do You Need to Get a Driver’s License in the State of Pennsylvania?

Here at IQ Driving School, we strive to provide a learning environment that is accessible to everyone, including those with learning disabilities. This is why IQ Driving School only hires experienced teachers. Our specialty is teaching people how to drive and park defensively. Safety always comes first and we make sure everyone understands how important it is to always pay attention while on the road. In order to be a safe driver, knowing how to drive is not enough. You must also know the traffic code.

It is never too late to learn to drive or gather the experience and training necessary to become a better driver. Whether you are interested in earning your driver’s license for the first time or are simply looking to improve your skills, we have the driving instructors to help you succeed! We take pride in the quality drivers educated by our school. One of the most important life skills you should acquire whether you are based in the country or living in the city is driving. This seemingly simple skill helps you accomplish everyday tasks and during emergencies.

My son took lessons from Scott Benjamin and I can't say how happy we are with the results. Scott teaches how to drive not just passing the exam. I was recommended years ago by someone from the DMV. He let us know what my son needed to work on. After a few lessons I could see how confident a driver my son was in a relative short amount of time. Scott prepared him for the future to protect himself on the road. The test was almost an after thought because of the preparation Scott gave him about how to be a good driver.