We've been operating in the driving school field for 10 year now, we used to work in the cooking field for 3 years before that, but we didn't really enjoyed staying in my feet for so many hours. We love to teach people, specially the one's that never thought that they will be capable to see how to drive. We have not yet started teaching someone who has not yet eventually gotten their license.

Contact Details

  City Bronx , NY
  Zip Code 10462
  Address 1403 Zerega Aven
  Phone Number (718) 239-7101

  • NONE
  • The Instructors don't train the same, They don't use the same car

This school is a big joke! They have 3 different cars, 3 trainers (calling them instructors would be an insult to Real Professional Instructors everywhere in any profession) who teach differently. One fat guy never told me his name while teaching me and was on this phone half the time during the lessons! These instructors don't talk to each other about the students they teach so if they got that student, they would know where to continue his/her lessons! I was lied to about wanting a particular car for my road test & I did not get that car.

If I did, I might have passed my road test but I was given the worst of the 3 cars and had the least time training in! I was told that if you want the same person training you for all your lessons, you have you request it! That was a lie too! They made me drive in circles for all my lessons which was a waste of time when I took the road test! Don't use this school. Find a school that has the same fleet of cars. Request 1 driver & get it in writing (if they won't, find another school)! You pay, you get your way or they don't get your money! Take the time to find a great school!

Value for moneyYou get multiple drivers with multiple cars. Not Worth It!
Service & supportThey lie about what you will get After you pay them.
QualityThere is no quality when it comes to the instructors teaching.
LocationNo. 6 train stops on the block. That's Good!
Overall ratingFair