Do you and technology not get along? You use the microwave at work and somehow erase all the payroll records. You put your card into the bank's ATM, but all you get back is some plastic confetti and the sneaking suspicion that you just sent your money to Peru. And sometimes you worry that your garage door opener is trying to turn the other appliances against you.

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  City Richardson, TX
  Zip Code 75081
  Address 1219 Abrams Road
  Phone Number (972) 726-6339

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The fun and easy way to dismiss tickets, get auto insurance discounts, or get your driver license. Comedy Guys Defensive Driving school (CO728) by A Safer Driver, Inc. (CP728) is Texas State Approved. We renew our license each year with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (which most people just call TDLR for obvious reasons) to license our curriculum and to confirm the continuing education training of our instructors. Our course is valid for getting a discount on your auto insurance rates.

Our online defensive driving course and our many class locations get Texas speeding tickets dismissed, lower auto insurance rates, and give our customers a few laughs at the same time. Comedy Guys Defensive Driving school (CO728) by A Safer Driver, Inc. (CP728) is Texas State Approved. In our classes, we make it possible for Texas residents to have a good time while improving their driving skills, getting their speeding tickets dismissed, and lowering their insurance rates. Defensive driving itself dates back to 1964 and the development of the National Safety Council's Driver Improvement Program.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course is fully approved by the Texas Department of Licenses and Registrations (TDLR) and is taught by professional comedians in more locations across Texas than any other Defensive Driving course provider. Since we all know that government stuff can be boring, Comedy Guys hires professional comedians and entertainers to teach your course so that its never dull, always informative, and lots of fun. Comedy Guys instructors cover the Texas state approved course curriculum and they keep classes lively and fun; after all, people don't learn much while they're snoring.

It really seems like all the roads run either north and south, or east and west, creating a town map that looks like graph paper. Yes, we make fun of it, but this probably makes Plano streets that much easier to travel. Apparently the insurance companies agree. Last time we checked, auto insurance rates are cheaper in Collin County than in its southern neighbor, Dallas County. Good news for drivers in Plano! The bad news is for you Plano speeders! Local law enforcement likes to keep those families safe and won't hesitate to pull you over to issue that ticket.