911 Driving School is an exclusive driver’s education program that hires only the finest police officers to instruct our students. The officers’ knowledge and expertise will prepare the student for the great responsibility that comes with obtaining a driver's license.

The most important aspect of driver’s education is SAFETY. The best safety device you can install in a car is a well trained driver. By hiring only police officers as our instructors, we believe that the public confidence in our school will be enhanced both on the road and in the classroom. At 911 Driving School, police officers are in a unique position to teach driver’s education. They are highly trained in every aspect of controlling a vehicle and can teach the latest in defensive driving techniques. Police officers are required to stay up-to-date on all the current traffic laws. This knowledge will be passed on to the student and will provide them with the skills necessary for safe driving on today’s roads.

Police officers see first hand the devastation caused by poor driving. It is time for us to take an active role and bring back greater credibility to driver’s education. Our friendly team at 911 Driving School is committed to excellence. We look forward to serving you.

Following are other reasons why 911 Driving School is best positioned to serve you:

• Our classroom environment is kept professional, friendly, controlled and highly informative. You will have a clean, high-quality, well-organized place to learn one of life’s most important skills.
• 911 Driving School hires police officers exclusively because they have a vested interest in creating a safer environment and know motor vehicle laws better than anyone else.
• Knowing the instructors are police officers impresses upon our students the importance of safety behind the wheel. They learn lessons of responsibility they will never forget.
• Police officers are great role models in their communities and are an obvious choice to teach students the importance of driver’s safety.
• Other drivers are respectful of 911 Driving School student drivers on the road because our in structors are police officers. We believe our “behind-the-wheel” time is safer because of this.
• Our instructors have experience working with many types of personalities. And of course, we also have some really cool stories to share!

We are committed to giving our very best to each and every student. Our desire is to teach you skills that will last a lifetime. It is in our personal interest to create safer streets to travel on ... our families drive on the same streets.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • American Automobie Association, Better Business Bureau

Serviced Areas

  • Goose Creek, Hanahan, Summerville, Ladson, Moncks Corner

Payment Options

  • Discover, Cash Only, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

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  Person 911 Driving School
  City Goose Creek , SC
  Zip Code 29445
  Address 431 St. James Ave Ste D-3
  Phone Number (843) 553-2252

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