The Regular Drive Program is designed specifically for behind-the-wheel instruction. This program can be tailored to meet the needs of specific clients.

In a 1stLearnToDrive vehicle clients have the added benefit on developing these skills with a certified driving instructor.

Initial safety and vehicle awareness screening is conducted to ensure client's have a foundational understanding of traffic safety prior to driving. Clients who have utilized this service are also eligible for: DMV Drive Test Vehicle Use.

We take pride in making sure our students understand the risks involved with driving an automobile so that they will want to learn to drive safely. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills you will need to make crucial driving decisions each and every time you operate a motor vehicle. Our behind-the-wheel programs are developed to focus on developing the fundamental skills you will need to pass your driving test as well as skills that will last a lifetime.

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I had Steve as my in class instructor and he really knew how to make 3 hours go by quickly. I learned a lot and felt like the time was well spent, not to mention he’s very funny. I also had Chad as a substitute a couple times, they both did a great job of making sure we knew what was going on. I had multiple instructors in the car, but I always felt like a safer driver by the end of the session.

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Man was this class life changing. Since I was a young boy living in Germany, I wanted to drive cars. When I moved to America due to the Great German War, I finally became of age to learn to drive. I looked up companies near my house and lo and behold the class told me to “first learn to drive.” I was sold. Although $325 is enlightened to buy the new Airpods Pro, I decided to spend that money on learning to drive. And boy, did I drive. With Steve directing the class and instructing me in the car, I felt like that little boy wanting to drive cars, but this time safely. Steve, thank you for giving this little Asian German boy a chance at learning to drive, first of course. If I could select all the stars in the galaxy to give this class as a review score, I’d choose them all. Godspeed Steve, Godspeed.

At first when going into this program you think you don’t need it. After every class I was proved wrong. I have leaded so much that my parents could never teach me. Steve is a great instructor and I would definitely recommend thing for a new driver.

It was a awesome experience and I’m glad I could get my license with you guys!!! Chad was my original teacher but we also had an awesome sub as well.

Great program, lots of valuable information! The class time provides great information, that is used on drives heavily. Andrew is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher! I was introduced to lots of new ways to make driving easier like reference points, and precision turns. Jeremy is a great instructor, and is very constructive with criticism. He is very helpful and a great instructor.

I learned a lot taking this course and now I feel more confident with my driving. Andrew is very interactive with the students which makes the 3 hour class fly by fast. I practice my driving with Jeremiah and he makes sure that we know how to drive in the safest way possible. Overall, I’ve had a great experience.

The driving instructor Jeremiah W gives good feedback for drivers. I’m a beginner driver and he’s really good at letting me know what I need to practice in a very nice and non-judgmental manner. I never feel stressed or overwhelmed while driving with him. He’s the Senior Driving Instructor so he’s very knowledgeable.

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New Clients: A local DMV test vehicle can be provided to NEW students who wish to use our car for a DMV test. You receive an initial 120 minute safety and vehicle awareness screening which is conducted prior to DMV test day by one of our ODOT certified driving instructors. This will ensure that you have a foundational understanding of traffic safety prior to driving. New Clients to Oregon: This is also an ideal program for drivers who are new to Oregon or are originally international drivers. After the student has received an initial 120 minute safety and vehicle awareness screening and checked for safe operation of one of our cars, we will take you to your scheduled appointment at local DMV near your pick-up.

This series is designed to encompass all of the aspects of a traditional driver education course with one slight exception. Students study the textbook and materials on their time. Since this program does not include a classroom component, we recommend this series for students who are motivated self starters that learn well at their own pace. Students will be responsible for reading and completing assignments prior to each behind-the-wheel lesson. The 10 module course introduces students to driving concepts and specific skills that they will learn hands on during the behind-the-wheel lessons.

This service is only offered to *current clients who have completed select programs or services. Current Clients: A DMV test vehicle use may be available to clients who have completed select programs or services. This includes pick up from home or work, drive to local DMV of your choice near pick-up/drop-off point. Instructor will wait while you take the test and while the paperwork is completed, then return you to where we picked you up. Rates: This is a flat rate of ( includes 2 hour minimum reservation).