We take pride in making sure our students understand the risks involved with driving an automobile so that they will want to learn to drive safely. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills you will need to make crucial driving decisions each and every time you operate a motor vehicle. Our behind-the-wheel programs are developed to focus on the developing the fundamental skills you will need to pass your driving test as well as skills that will last a lifetime.

We strive to create an atmosphere of comfortable learning and offer a variety of programs to fit your needs. We believe that learning safe driving skills is something that everyone can benefit from. Register today and begin your learning experience.

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  • Empowering Safe Drivers

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Products & Services

The Regular Drive Program is designed specifically for behind-the-wheel instruction. This program can be tailored to meet the needs of specific clients. It is open to adult drivers, teen drivers, new and experienced drivers alike. An initial safety and vehicle awareness screening is conducted to ensure client’s have a foundational understanding of traffic safety prior to driving. This program teaches many of the same components as our teen program and is a great way to for experienced drivers to catch up on philosophical changes in traffic safety. This is also an ideal program for drivers who are new to Oregon.

DMV Drive Test

$25 a half hour (2 hour minimum)

This service is offered to clients who have completed select programs or services. The hourly rate is based on the amount of time the vehicle is made available for the client to use. We recommend scheduling your DMV Drive Test in advance as the time is determined by when the vehicle reaches the DMV of your choice (the beginning of the appointment window) and when you have completed use of the vehicle. DMV Drive Test Vehicle Use appointments are blocked off at a minimum of two hours to ensure no double booking.

If you only use the vehicle for an hour, you will receive a credit back for the difference. Billing is based on half hour increments. For example, if it takes 69 minutes you will be charged for 1. 5 hours of use.

This service is designed for the new, student, or out of state driver that would like an instructor assessment of their driving skills. Coaching is offered to assist clients with practicing certain skills on their own time. Clients are able to get an assessment that may be crucial in uncovering bad habits that the client is not aware of or has developed over time. This is an ideal program for individuals preparing to take a behind-the-wheel test with the DMV.

Clients who have completed this program are also eligible for: Additional BTW Instruction and DMV Drive Test Vehicle Use.